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Some of our customers wrote us:

I am a trucker and I enjoy a cup in the morning . I can make my container of coffee at home and place it in my truck refrigerator and have FRESH brewed flavor every morning by adding boiling water from my 12 volt hot water pot. I really enjoy the convenience of this system. I never knew what kind of coffee I would get when I stopped somewhere for a cup.
I am spreading the word and offering samples of my coffee. The other thing I like is that I can make "expresso type" coffee , stronger than average.  Terrance  (and we didn't even pay Terrance to say this)

Great!  Really love the product and the Great Coffee it makes. 
Thanks for the prompt reply. 

How did you hear about us?  Internet, Radio, TV, Friend
My mother gave me one 10 years ago and it finally wore out. I absulotly love my toddy coffee maker and don't want to ever be without it.  Annie
(After receiving her Toddy)
Received my Toddy Makers, THANK YOU!!  I had missed my coffee and your package was very prompt.  Thank you also for the filters, always needed. I have passed alone the web site and as always your coffee makers sell themselves, everyone always loves my coffee and I used the cheapest coffee blend I can find.  I am grateful to finally have a place to get the coffee makers, and to have you turn out to be such a great company is an extra bonus.  I will continue to do my best to help covert the world to Toddy drinkers.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we enjoy your product. I am not a very big coffee drinker...until now. This product is so easy to use. We are going to order several for Christmas gifts. A friend gave us this one and I love it. We travel alot and this is one product that goes where we go. I just had to say THANK YOU.....    Wanda

Thanks for the info, and product recvd already, that was FAST! Bye, Mary

Have had a Toddy for over 20 years - couldn't  start our morning without Toddy!

Last Sunday I visited a friend in Atlanta, and she introduced me to her Toddy.  When I returned home that afternoon, I ordered my Toddy online…and received it in Wednesday’s mail!  I am happy to say that less than a week after having heard of the Toddy for the first time, I am enjoying the most delicious coffee and iced coffee I’ve EVER had.  I was truly amazed at how easy it was to make and how delicious the coffee is (without having to buy high-priced beans).  Thank you for offering such a unique product.         Cathy (Pensacola, FL)

General Information

If you dislike the taste and expense of instant coffee, hate to brew your own, yet want more convenience, there is a better way. The Toddy Maker is a simple device that uses cold water and a carefully designed filter system to produce an exceptionally pure coffee concentrate from ground coffee. The advantages of coffee brewed with the Toddy Maker make it a popular choice among both individuals and the food service industry. Cold water brewing extracts the desirable flavor elements, but eliminates many of the undesirable oils and acids found in hot brewed coffee that are not soluble at low temperatures. Cold brewed coffee tastes smoother and is easier on the stomach. Toddy coffee has been recommended by doctors to their patients who are sensitive to the acid in hot brewed coffee.

The original Toddy Maker consists of a plastic brewing container with a plug and filter at the bottom. One pound of regular grind coffee and nine cups of cold water are added and allowed to steep for eight to twelve hours. The plug is then removed and the resulting concentrate is allowed to drain through the filter into a glass carafe which is also provided. The grounds are then disposed of (they make good compost) and the filter rinsed thoroughly.

The concentrate must be refrigerated. To make a cup of hot coffee simply mix one part concentrate with three parts water and heat in the microwave. To make iced coffee mix one part concentrate with three parts water and serve over ice. The concentrate is good for about three weeks in the refrigerator and can be frozen for several months.

Dear Cajun Connection Angel  of Coffee --

How amazing is this? I placed this order for Toddy filters and stoppers on
Thursday, JULY 3, the day before a holiday, and lo and behold, when I went
groggily to check my mail at the PO in Wimberley, Texas today  -- Saturday,
July 5 -- there was my order in my post office box! I thought for sure that
I would have to wait in a grouchy, uncaffeinated state until at least Monday
to get my Toddy Coffee fix (for we all know it's the best possible coffee --
no other will do!). I do not know how this miracle was arranged, nor do I
perhaps need to know. It was only 83 cents shipping, so obviously, you did
not send it special delivery. All I know is that I am immensely grateful --
even as  I type this, my Toddy coffeemaker is doing its magic. All will soon
be right with the world. Thanks for your amazingly prompt delivery and I
will will be sure to order from you in the future.

A grateful, if slightly mystified, new customer,


Thanks Joe for your quick reply.  I'd like to thank you for your speedy delivery and great product.  I've been using Coffee Toddy for about 20 years and we just love it!  Veronica

THANKS, I RECEIVED FRIDAY AND HAVE MADE TWO CARAFES OF COFFEE ALREADY.  Again thank you for the prompt service and have a happy holiday.

Thank you very much for the products, recieved them this morning, the mailman was looking puzzled,
hope to do business again, I cannot say how impressed I am with the delivery and your service
especially the help and advice i recieved from your staff " joe " .

Many Thanks

ps.   my friends were impressed so expect more orders from us!

Thank you for the great decanters and for the
fantastic service! We will recomend you to all our
Toddy-drinking friends.

Best regards,
The Rileys

Hello Cajun Joe, Just a quick note to Thank You for  the speedy delivery of 
my Toddy products I received them just in time to make up  a fresh Brew with a 
NEW filter. I am a 20 plus year user of my Toddy and will  never be without 
one.Thank's again Rocky in Michigan

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